FBI looking for St. Louis bank robbery suspect

ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. - The FBI's St. Louis office is calling on the public’s help to find a suspected bank robber.

Agents believe 60-year-old Daniel Harris is hiding out in St. Louis County. Harris also goes by the alias John Harris. He's about 5'6" tall, weighs approximately 130 pounds, and has scars on his left shoulder and elbow.

According to authorities, Harris robbed the St. Louis Community Credit Union near Morganford Road and Chippewa Street in south St. Louis on March 15, 2017. He allegedly passed a note that indicated he had a firearm and demanded an undisclosed amount of cash and ran off with the money.

A federal arrest warrant was issued for Harris in October 2017.

FBI Special Agent in Charge Alicia Corder said they need the public’s help solving this case because they’ve exhausted all other leads. She's warning other would-be bank robbers.

“We do have a very high success rate in locating you and arresting you,” said Corder. “So while you won’t get much out of your efforts of robbing the bank, you will pay a very high price when we arrest you."

Since the beginning of 2018, Coder said there have been 17 bank robberies in the St. Louis area, 11 of which have been resolved.

There are 17 other wanted bank robbers in the area that FBI St. Louis needs your help identifying. You can find their pictures online via bankrobbers.FBI.gov.