Police chief says department not responsible for so-called ‘exclusion list’

ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office released a statement on Friday indicating a so-called exclusion list was created at the request of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.  On Saturday, Colonel John Hayden, Commissioner of Police released the following statement:

“No leaders from our Department asked the Circuit Attorney’s Office to compile an Exclusion list, nor do we have any need for such a list. I was quite surprised to have received it. There is no indication that the list was properly vetted. We determined that six of the officers on the list no longer work for the Department. Several of the officers were involved in past investigations but have been cleared with no sustained charges.

Whenever we are concerned about an officer’s credibility, or utility with respect to protecting our citizens, that officer can be placed on administrative duty pending a determination about his or her future with the agency. This list is an unnecessary overreach which would be better handled on a case-by-case basis.
As we are currently 145 officers down, we do not have the luxury of arbitrarily placing officers on a list which hinders their ability to fully do their job.”

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