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Arts Pop: Famous St. Louis dogs on Instagram

ST. LOUIS, MO - Maybe you've heard of Jiffpom or Doug the Pug, famous dogs on Instagram whose followers number in the millions.  But there is a rising group of pets right here in St. Louis that have way more followers than you do. St. Louis Post-Dispatch home and family editor, Aisha Sultan, is introducing us to some of the stars.

There are pros to being social media famous, like making friends around the world, sponsorship deals, and even offers for breeding.  But there are also cons, like having pictures swiped and used elsewhere.

Pick up Sunday's STL Life section for more on these cute pups. Don't worry cat, rabbit, and other pet fans, the Post-Dispatch will be sharing some other animal social media stars soon.

Also, follow Aisha's sweet pup Frankie on Instagram!