Firefighters scramble to extinguish neighboring house fires, save dogs

ST. LOUIS - St. Louis firefighters spent Monday night working to knock out the flames at two homes in north St. Louis.

The fire started around 9:40 p.m. in the rear of one of the homes, located at the corner of Goodfellow Boulevard and Johanna Avenue. An older man was inside the home at the time. He told firefighters he smelled gathered up his dogs and tried to walk out.

Police officers successfully rescued four dogs and firefighters removed another from the burning home. They provided first aid to the animals at the scene.

Police got four out of the six dogs before firefighters arrived and rescued another one from the basement.

The fire in the primary home extended to a neighboring home, but the damage to that structure was minimal.

The homeowner and the dogs appeared to be okay.

The exact cause of the fire was not immediately known.