Hit and run near school raises safety questions about busy intersection

OVERLAND, MO - A hit and run near Marion Elementary School that sent a 32-year-old mother to the hospital with injuries is raising concerns about safety with some residents.

Overland Police said the incident happened around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday as the mother was in the crosswalk between Midland Boulevard and Simms Avenue, walking south after dropping off her child.

Police said a crossing guard was on the other side waiting for the walk signal as the mother walked into the crosswalk.

Authorities said witnesses told them a black SUV ran the red light hitting the woman. She was transported to Mercy Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Nyesha Wineham said that even when it’s her right of way, she can’t help but look both ways.

The mother of two crosses the busy intersection every time she walks her kids to the school.

“Sometimes they (drivers) don’t stop,” said Wineham, “they are going too fast to slow down in enough time.”

While the hit and run is still under investigation, other concerned neighbors are worried that something similar could happen again.

“I think it’s a dangerous intersection,” said Clifford Cooke, “maybe an additional flashing light? I’m thinking if you had them on both sides may be at the island and on the right side in both directions. We need dual school zone signs, one in the median and one on the right side so if you are blocked in one lane or the other, you’ll still be able to see it.”

But not everyone believes the intersection is dangerous, adding that it’s the people who are not paying attention.

“Pay attention to your surroundings,” said Karen Simpson. “They are on their cellphones either talking to someone looking at it and not paying attention you know cell phones are a necessity but when you are driving, you gotta put them down.”

In a letter, the Ritenour School District informed parents that while they are cooperating with police, there will be an increased police presence. The district is also reminding everyone to be mindful of the 20-mph speed limit during the time of pick up and drop off.

Police are looking for a black SUV believed to be either a Jeep Patriot or possibly a Cherokee. The passenger side mirror is missing which was recovered at the scene. Police also released a possible partial license plate of MP3.

No word yet on the mother’s condition.

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