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Some South City residents say I-44 project damaging homes

ST. LOUIS - Some residents living near the I-44 bridge and pavement rehabilitation project in south St. Louis have concerns over what they call powerful vibrations stemming from construction on the interstate.

“You stand out here and you almost bounce off the ground,” said Nunzio Pizzolato.  “The sound is just amazingly loud.”

He lives in the 5200 block of Shaw Blvd. and blames the construction work for cracks in the concrete blocks that frame his garage.

Neighbor Rosemary Lanes said cracks in her ceiling have appeared after the construction started.  She’s reported the damage to her insurance company.

“It is extremely loud, and the house vibrates,” said Lanes. “The big concern is if they’re cracked now, in a couple more days of this what conditions are the ceilings going to be in?”

A MoDOT spokesperson said the agency is using equipment to monitor vibration levels at the project.  He said there has been no indication the vibration levels would cause problems.  He said residents can file a claim through their insurance company if they disagree.

Stand McFarland lives near the construction and has not noticed any damage to his home.  He hopes it stays that way.

“The ground is shaking, and the house was shaking,” said McFarland.  He said even the lights would move around while the construction takes place.

“You got to expect that with what they’re doing,” he said.  “It’s been noisy.”