Vendors come together for LouWow event to sell excess inventory meant for LouFest

ST. LOUIS - Organizers called it a LouWow.  Vendors burned by the cancellation of LouFest were invited to set up shop at the Boathouse in Forest Park to sell their excess inventory.  The party was scheduled to run from 11 am until 11 pm Sunday.

Mike Johnson is the owner of Sugarfire and the Hi-Pointe Drive-In.  He helped bring the vendors together.

“It’s not just us,” said Johnson.  “There are so many other cool events going on around the city all weekend. I think it really, everybody really came together, and it showed much love and I think it made the city look great.”

Johnson said some 20 vendors accepted the invitation to be part of LouWow.

He expects some sort of annual event to grow out of the event.