Charlack ends contract with North County Police Cooperative

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO — The City of Charlack voted to end its contract for police services with the North County Police Cooperative. This move comes off the heels of Co-op Chief Tim Swope being suspended.

A North County Police Coop car is still in the parking lot at Charlack City Hall this morning, but it apparently won’t be hitting the streets of Charlack any longer.

In fact, earlier this morning, our news crew at Charlack City Hall saw a North County Coop officer clearing out his locker.

Charlack was one of eight communities receiving police services from the North County Police Cooperative, which is based in Vinita Park.

Charlack Mayor Mark Chamberlain said there was supposed to be a North County Police Co-op car highly visible in this community of about 1,300 people 24/7, but city leaders didn’t feel like that was taking place.

In fact, Charlack’s City Attorney said the city was facing “very serious safety issues” under the North County Co-op contract.

The Mayor says patrols here had been 'sporadic' ever since it came out that the Coop contract would not be renewed.

Charlack’s three-year contract with the co-op was supposed to last until October 15 but the Post-Dispatch reported the Charlack Board of Aldermen voted to end it early last night. Then they approved a contract for policing with the St. Ann Police Department.

Charlack city leaders hoped to start St. Ann police patrols immediately. St. Ann police cruisers were seen on the streets around Charlack City Hall Wednesday morning.

The reasons for Swope’s suspension were not made public.

Neither Swope nor the Co-op offered to comment on the Charlack situation.

The St. Ann Police Department has also not released any details about its involvement in Charlack.

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