Hurricane Florence forces locals to cancel planned trips to the East Coast

ST. LOUIS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT - Hurricane Florence is still a major threat to the U.S. East Coast and millions of people are being forced to evacuate. Some of them are coming to St. Louis for safety

A girl’s trip to Savanah, Georgia for a group of women from Farmington had to be cut short.

“Our biggest concern was not having to spend the night in an airport,” said Kristi Herbst, “so we decided to make early plans and get out before Florence arrived.”

Angie Scism said it wasn’t exactly her decision to come back to St. Louis.

“Actually, we were fine,” Scism said, “it was our husbands that were worried. We got an easy flight out so we took it.”

Greg Hulbert who was supposed to be on a business trip until Friday caught a flight out of Raleigh, North Carolina.

“They sold out of gas down there and water it was pretty messy,” Hulbert described.

Hulbert said he’s happy to have made a wise decision to come back sooner than planned but now he’s worried about his brother.

“My brother lives in Wilmington which is in the eye of the storm,” said Hulbert, “it’s the bull’s eye and he says he’s going to stay, he’s really close to the coast.”