Rockwood School District hosts crisis planning workshop

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The Rockwood School District hosted their crisis planning workshop, which focused on being proactive to prevent school tragedies.

Every first responder agency and school in the Rockwood district took part in the workshop. They discussed emergency management and crises that have occurred in America.

“All topics are on the table whether its school violence, social and emotional needs of kids, physical safety of a school building,” said Dr. Eric Knost, Rockwood Superintendent.

Dr. Knost says the biggest takeaway from these workshops, which they hope to start conducting every year, is partnerships between schools and first responders.

“This situation allows us to look at a school system, but it also looks across the districts we protect and allows us to really gain situational awareness,” said Mike Thiemann, Coordinator of Emergency Management of the Metro West Fire Protection District.

“I really feel all across the country, if every school made that effort to identify every single child with one adult that they identify as a champion, the rates of school violence, suicide, depression, and bullying would plummet,” said Dr. Knost.

If an incident were ever to occur, these workshops allow everyone involved to work in a seamless manner to produce the best possible outcome.

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