Humane Society to aid in rescue of animals from Hurricane Florence

ST. LOUIS - Tropical Depression Florence is blamed for at least 15 deaths now and the storm is not done yet. Florence has parked itself over land and is relentlessly pouring on the rain promising severe flooding for days. Right now, more than 700,000 people are without power in North and South Carolina. The Humane Society of Missouri 10-member disaster response team is headed to the Mid-Atlantic Coast Sunday morning to help animals affected by Hurricane Florence.

“One of the things we learn from disasters is people will leave if their animals are not safe, so that puts the people in danger and it's important from a human standpoint that animals need to be taken care of,” said Greg Martin.  “We are hoping to find live animals and reunite the families,” said Jessica Crampton.

The 10-member crew is traveling with two large animal transport trailers, an animal horse trailer, five tucks, and two boats. The team is trained in water and land rescues. The crew will have all the supplies they need.

The team has been assigned to some of the most heavily impacted counties of coastal and Southern North Carolina.” The families could have left their pets behind and so they did not have a place to put them, so they will call us and ask to go to their home and look for their pets and hopefully we can and reunite them with their families,” said Crampton.