Flooding in North Carolina brings a family together and rescuers to those in need

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SHREWSBURY, MO - A North Carolina mother is now staying with relatives in the St. Louis area after being forced to evacuate due to flooding.  Her husband is a Lt. in the U.S. Navy.

“Either you aren’t going to have something to come back to or you are,” said Rosana Morrissey.

She said torrential rain has brought flooding to areas she never would have thought it could reach.

“It's kind of helps you realize what’s important, which is family,” she said.  “It just helps you kind of not to be attached to things and be kind of minimalistic.”

She’s thankful she has family who can help.  Others are not so lucky.  Missouri Task Force 1 is in North Carolina and has already made more than 100 rescues.  The Task Force has split into 2 groups.  One focused on flooding in Bolivia and the other focused on Leland.

Missouri Task Force 1 worked for 36 straight hours during one stretch.  The team is made up of members from across the state including the St. Louis area.  One rescue involved a woman who was 9-months pregnant and experiencing contractions.  Missouri Task Force 1 Leader Randy Sanders said the conditions are difficult but described what it’s like seeing the reactions from those rescuers help.

“They’ve been without electric for a while and secluded from others and they’re just so happy to see us there and they give us hugs.  That’s what matters, the people.”

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