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Local man says Frontier canceled his flight to Denver; used the plane for Cancun trip

ST. LOUIS - Another St. Louis-area traveler is complaining about Frontier Airlines.

Mike Schaefer told Fox 2/KPLR 11 he was at St. Louis-Lambert International Airport on Sunday morning preparing to fly to Denver on Frontier when the flight was canceled minutes before boarding.

He said the plane he was supposed to fly on was instead used to transport St. Louis passengers traveling to Cancun, Mexico.

Frontier said it was because the Cancun-bound plane was dealing with an environmental issue outside of the airline's control.

"There were numerous people in that group that were almost ashamed of themselves. They felt bad for us. That their group had taken precedence. It was kind of a messed-up deal," Schaefer said.

When issues occur in the airline industry, such as an aircraft being unexpectedly out of service, it can have a cascading effect on the rest of the network. Airlines make rescheduling decisions with a view to keeping the whole operation on track as best as possible, trying to minimize the effect for all of our customers.

Frontier offered Schaefer a $100 voucher, which he turned down. He drove to Colorado instead and said he will never fly Frontier again.