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Freshwater jellyfish spotted in a Missouri lake

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FLORIDA, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation shared a video of freshwater jellyfish at a Missouri state park to their Facebook page Tuesday. They say that the month of September is a great time to view these creatures in their habitat.

Karen Armstrong works with the Missouri Department of Conservation. She took video of the jellyfish from her kayak on Lake Tom Sawyer at Mark Twain State Park. The park is located between St. Louis and Columbia, Missouri.

The Missouri Department of Conservation’s website says these jellyfish should be about an inch in diameter. They describe say they can be: Transparent or translucent, sometimes faintly tinted tan, gray, white, green, or blue. Four white, opaque patches sometimes appear in the body; these are the gonads (organs that produce sperm and eggs). The medusa phase is most abundant in late summer.”

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