Cahokia mother of 3 says landlord won’t repair collapsed ceiling

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CAHOKIA, Ill. - A Cahokia, Illinois woman said she and her three children have been living in hazardous conditions because her landlord would not fix her bedroom ceiling.

Marilyn Davis said nearly two weeks ago, she woke up to part of the ceiling lying on her bed and insulation falling from the ceiling. It happened a morning after a heavy rain in the metro area.

"I woke up out of my sleep to the ceiling being in my bed," she said.

Davis said her mattress was soaking wet and ruined. She’s asked her landlord to place her in a hotel, but she would not.

According to a report from the Village of Cahokia Code Enforcement Department, an inspection was made at the apartment and a leak in the roof caused roof materials to peel back and allow water to enter. The document said B&D Homes, the owner of the building, stated that the insurance adjuster had been out to look at the damage and advised the tenant could stay in the apartment because it did not a present danger.

The inspector informed B&D Homes they would have to cover the ceiling in the bedroom with a type of heavy plastic to prevent animals from getting in and insulation from coming in.

Davis said a tarp was only partially covering the collapsed roof area.

The inspection report said the insurance adjuster returned to find only part of the ceiling covered and they put a call into the property management to request the problem be fixed or that the tenant is moved to a new location. However, Davis said she’s stuck living in the apartment for the time being.

Fox 2/KPLR 11 reached out the B&D homes twice on Thursday and our calls were not returned.

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