Clean energy in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS — While  a 100% clean energy goal is ambitious for any city, it is perhaps even more so in a longtime coal industry capital like St. Louis—home to two of the country`s largest coal companies.

But in the wake of the trump administration`s withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accord, Lewis Reed, president of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, urged his city to take the future into its own hands.

In October 2017, the St. Louis board of aldermen, led by President Reed, unanimously approved a commitment to transition to 100% clean, renewable energy by 2035.

St. Louis` commitment to 100% clean energy, along with that of locally based companies like Anheuser-Busch, is already driving change at the utility level, encouraging local electric utility Ameren to expand programs that would bring more clean energy online. Ameren recently rolled out a renewable choice program that enables St. Louis to receive up to 100% of their electricity from renewable resources.

President of the St. Louis Board of Alderman Lewis Reed joins the show to discuss this plan in detail.