Loyal Shop ‘n Save customers left wondering where they’ll shop once stores are closed

ST. LOUIS – The news of Shop n’ Save's demise not only means one less grocery store, but it signifies something even greater for loyal south St. Louis City customers.

“It’s just where everybody goes around here,” a customer said. “There’s not much of anything close.”

Supervalu, Shop n Save’s parent company, announced Tuesday a deal that would sell 19 stores to Schnuck Markets.

That saved a number of communities who replied on those stores for fruits and vegetables. However, the deal did not include 16 other Shop n Save’s, including the store at the intersection of Chippewa and Kingshighway.

“It’s going to be rough on a lot of people,” one customer said. “A lot of people don’t have transportation. They depend on walking or a bus to get some groceries but at the end of the day you still got to eat.”

That unfortunate decision to sell some and close others will leave nearly a thousand workers without a job in Missouri and even more in Illinois.

On Thursday, the union that represents the workers held a town hall conference call to clear up misunderstandings.

Dave Cook, President of Local 655, said this on the phone to the 1,000 plus employees on the line.

“This was nothing on anybody on this call fault,” Cook said. “It’s nothing you could’ve done to change what happened to you.”

Here’s a breakdown of what the closure means for those workers.

Three different unions with six separate contracts make up those employees left behind. The company has agreed that all unused paid benefits will be distributed on their last paycheck, early retirement is eligible for all those who qualify and all severance packages will only be paid if employees work until their last day.

However, if those 16 stores close before the November 19 closing date, employees will be paid up until that day.

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