Big changes could be coming to the Ferguson-Florissant School District

FLORISSANT, MO – Concerned citizens in the Ferguson-Florissant School District attended, and informational meeting on Wednesday.  The public heard revised options on some major changes that will result in some redistricting.  The district hired a consulting firm to evaluate the best way to utilize its buildings and those results were shared with the public during the meeting.

“The reason for doing all of this work is because the district needs to be fiscally efficient and we’re at about half the number of students that we were about 50 years ago,” said district spokesperson Kevin Hampton.  “We have some facilities that are far below capacity and it just doesn’t make sense to continue to incur the expenses from all of those facilities when that’s dollars that rather than being spent on electricity and things like that could be poured into the classrooms so we can get more resources to students and teachers right where they need it.”

All three options maintain free education programs for pre-K students 3 and 4 years of age.  One of the options includes consolidating high schools and creating one high school with a traditional curriculum and a second-high school geared toward what’s known as a STEAM curriculum focusing on fields such as science, technology, and arts.

Several parents have questions and concerns about the various options.  During the meeting, the public was asked to vote on which option they liked the most and were also asked to vote on their second most favorite option.  Based on the results of those who attended the meeting Option 1 was the preferred choice, but the school board will have the ultimate say.  Hampton said the board has considered public feedback during this process.  He said the district will now post the details of all three options on its website for those who were unable to attend Wednesday’s meeting.

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