Bowling ball victim hopes to spare others of ordeal she endured

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – There’s new information concerning the woman who was attacked by a man who launched a bowling ball at her car. That incident, in south S.t Louis County, caused hundreds of dollars in damages to Teresa Seavey’s car.

“I don’t want anybody else to go through what I’m going through,” Seavey said.

On Wednesday, Seavey went to the St. Louis County police precinct in Affton to file a report. She said that on Friday night, a man walking towards her on Tesson Ferry rolled a bowling ball at her and her car, causing $700 in damages.

“I’m going to pay the $250 and the insurance will pay for the $450,” she said.

A police evidence technician took pictures of her damaged car.

Seavey said the suspect may have wanted to stop her to carjack her vehicle.

Meanwhile, St. Louis County police said there’s been no arrest in Treff LaPlant’s case.

LaPlant said someone threw a bowling ball at the windshield of his pickup truck back in June while he was driving south on Interstate 55 near Mattis Road. He suffered cuts to his arm from flying glass. The police report indicated a rectangular object may have hit LaPlant’s truck. However, LaPlant said the officer on the scene and the repair company indicated it was a bowling ball that made the circular impact mark.

A police spokesperson said investigators do not believe the cases were related.

“The attention from the media I’m pretty uncomfortable with (it), (but) knowing it’s getting out to people is going to stop this man and keep other people safe, kind of why I’m doing it,” Seavey said.

On Tuesday, Seavey said she learned of a similar bowling ball attack on Tesson Ferry that happened just a few days after hers. However, it appears there was a miscommunication and there was no second victim on Tesson Ferry.

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