Things to know about St. Charles City new liquor law changes

ST. CHARLES, Mo. - The St. Charles City Council approved new rules for bars and restaurants on North Main Street after months of discussion.

Main Street business owners sit on both sides of this issue. Some are concerned about the public safety while others say the new laws will put their businesses and their livelihoods in jeopardy.

The new bill has three main components:

The first creates a three-person liquor commission for the city made up of the chief of police, the director of finance, and the director of community development.

The second part establishes a city-wide point-system for alcohol-related offenses. For instance, a bar is caught serving minors, it might receive a three-point penalty. With the proposed point system a bar's license could be revoked if the bar gets 6.5 points or more, or if the bar receives three violations of certain offenses within 90 days.

The third component—and what some of the business owners are calling the most damaging—is bars and restaurants must now prove at least 50 percent of their business comes from food sales.