Health Watch: Hands can determine age more than the face

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People have been taking better care of their facial skin in recent years; however, a face that looks youthful juxtaposed to a neck, decolletage, chest and hands that show the signs of sun damage and aging can determine age even more than a well cared for face.

When it comes to dermatological care, the goal is for your skin to 'match'.  Daily sunscreen is key to prevent skin damage and matain the skin's youthful appearance, but one SLUCare dermatologist, Dr. Dee Anna Glaser says, "But really, necks, chest, hands, these are the areas that are very important, especially the hands, because people can't hide them."

Dr. Glaser says Restalyne Lift previously approved for filling wrinkles in the face, "but now it's been approved, after pivotal trial for hand injection.  It helps minimize that wasting appearance of the hand as we get older."

Most side effects are temporary, and she has option for ensuring the safety of her patients.  "If there is a problem, we have an enzyme available that we can actually dissolve that filler."  Dr. Glaser's patients participated in a study to treat one hand.  During the study, it was thought that patients would never be okay with only one hand being treated.  "But they liked it because they could really themselves, see the difference."

The patients were so happy with the results, they got the Restalyne Lift on the other hand.

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