Clayton releases report on Wash U students falsely accused of dining without paying

CLAYTON, MO – On Saturday afternoon, Mayor Harold Sanger of Clayton released a report detailing the city’s findings in an incident where 10 African-American Washington University students were accused of eating at an IHOP and leaving without paying.

The incident happened around 1:00 am on July 7, 2018, when the group of students was stopped by police officers from Clayton in response to a dine and dash incident the IHOP located on Clayton Road.

Officers accompanied to students back to the IHOP, where the manager told police the young men were not the group of people who had left the restaurant. The group was then allowed to leave.

The incident drew a sharp response from the African-American community, civil rights organizations, and Washington University.

Washington University in a statement about the incident asked for the City of Clayton to talk and apologizes to the students.

The report says after the investigation the City of Clayton believes that the police department acted within its policies and procedures.

The full copy of the report and videos related to the investigation are available online.