Alderman wants vacant building condemned to stop drug use and violent crime

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ST. LOUIS - It was a violent night in the City of St. Louis despite National Night Out events that were held to focus on making communities safer. Three people were killed in a six-hour span in separate shootings.

In south St. Louis, one alderman says enough is enough.

The alderman of this ward says he's been working on condemning an entire building saying there has been a lot of drug activity here and something must be done.

Just before midnight, one man was found shot to death on Cote Brilliant Avenue at Annie Malone Drive in North St. Louis. Another man was shot several times just before 10 Tuesday night near Fairground Park in North St. Louis. He later died.

Wednesday morning police were called back out to Congress Street, where a man was shot and killed just before 6 Tuesday evening. All three murders are unsolved.

Alderman Dan Guenther walked our news crews through the neighborhood and showed the building on Congress where the crime occurred. He says there has been drug activity in the building and part of the building has been condemned for 6-months. "The only thing we can do is board them up in the city. We have thousands of vacant properties and you would not think that a property in a neighborhood like this would have a board on it but when illegal activity is happening our solutions is but a board on the door," said Guenther.

We noticed furniture in the building, as it appears someone was living there. The alderman had city crews come out to board up the building again. Guenther says he's been working for months to condemn the entire building.

"We have been following this address for over a year now. It’s been a constant cat and mouse game. You shut a place down and they move out and then someone else moves in. The owners will shuffle the names and LLC come up with a new company that owns it. Goes through the condemn process again and that's what happened here.

The alderman says his heart goes out to the victims’ families.

If you have any information that can help police solve to the crimes, please call CrimeStoppers.

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