Paw ‘n Order calendar features ‘Hunky’ viral St. Louis County officer

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ST. LOUIS, MO — An officer who went viral after a post about using your seat belt is now a cover model.  St. Louis County Police officer Adam Doback lit up social media with his smile in July. He is now holding a puppy on the cover of their 2019 “Paw and Order” Calendar. The proceeds benefit the St. Louis County PAL Program & local animal shelters

St. Louis County Police have an ongoing campaign reminding drivers to wear their seatbelts. The campaign posts a photo every Monday of a smiling officer reminding patrons to “Arrive Alive” and wear their seatbelts. Little did the County Police know that the June post would go viral.

Rhett Nicks describes what started the Paw ‘n Order calendar, “I started working for St. Louis County in the fall of 2014. Just as St. Louis was making national news on a daily basis. Through all the press and images of unrest watching both sides come to the aid of a small pit bull pup was incredibly poignant and served as a perfect metaphor for the situation. The juxtaposition might not be readily obvious to many, but the greater meaning was immediately obvious to me. Here stood a group of officers and a pit bull, two groups often incorrectly judged as a whole because of the actions of a few. An image containing two often dichotomous social groups, police and the dog often associated with black youth, groups that are often to be at odds with each other. The goal was to combine these two contrasting and at odds groups in images that show their true light.

From a simple little idea born in August 2014, and through the efforts of Lynn Terry, Sgt. Shawn McGuire, Rhett Nicks, and Lauren this project to fruition. It is a small gesture using a touch of humor to show police officers and block-headed pups (and some homeless kittens) in their true light and to help provide donations for two great programs, the St. Louis Pet Adoption Center and St. Louis County Police Department Welfare Association.”

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