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Waterloo family reunited with beloved macaw after bird flies away

WATERLOO, Ill. - A Waterloo grandmother rescues a beloved family bird that had been on the loose for more the 72 hours.

Blu, a year and a half old macaw, may very well have been the most sought-after bird in the Midwest since he flew away from the Burns family home Tuesday morning.

He’d been more often heard than seen, until Friday afternoon.

City Budget Officer Shawn Kennedy helped coordinate the search with Marsha Burns, Blu’s “granny” (the owner’s mother). Together, they tracked him to a group of trees near Rogers Elementary School.

Blue finally perched in a tree about 20 feet off the ground. Blu squawked and even spoke to onlookers, saying “Hi.”

City workers hoisted Burns up in a lift truck. Blu hopped onto her arm but then flew away again into another nearby tree.

This time, Burns got him into her arms and hugged him until she could transfer him into a cage, crying and sweet talking to the bird the entire way.

“I’m so glad to have you back. Oh, Blu,” she cried. “Everybody’s been moving his big cage from place to place for us when they see him. This town is wonderful. It is.”

Her family bought Blu for $1,300, she said.

Blu is expected to live between 50 and 60 years.