12 protesters arrested in Clayton after Kavanaugh’s supreme court confirmation

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CLAYTON, MO – Protests across the country including here in St. Louis continue even after Judge Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as a justice on the Supreme Court.

A group of protesters has been out here since at least Tuesday, but on Saturday, just as the Senate voted 50-48 to confirm Kavanaugh, Clayton police say 12 people were arrested for disturbing the peace and resisting arrest.

Police say they warned the group as some members walked out into the road and blocked the intersection at Bonhomme and South Hanley.
While leaders of the group refused to do an interview, it was clear by their signs and chants they were unhappy by today’s confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanagh.

One protester shared his reasons why.

“What Judge Kavanaugh represents, his character, his attitude that he showcased also with the sexual assault issues and the victims it’s atrocious we have to protest the wrong that’s been committed to so many women in this country. “

Now the question with Justice Kavanaugh’s appointment causing so much controversy, will impact voter turnout at the polls next month?

“I think that a month is a long time between now and then. Donald Trump is the best gift in the world in that he’s able to step on every positive story he’s had, and this for his base is a positive story. But having said that, the passion that exists on the Democratic side only got a couple of gallons of gasoline with the sham of a process that took place over the last couple of weeks,” said Michael Kelley, Democratic strategist.

“I think the protests, people are certainly expressing their opinions out there, but they also serve to fire up the Republicans when we see people interrupting congressional sessions and blocking streets and so forth. It does continue for the next several weeks that’s going to I think even generate more Republican turnout,” said John Hancock, Republican strategist.

Right now, the polls the McCaskill-Hawley race extremely close.   But there are several other big ballot initiatives that could swing either way depending upon who shows up to the polls.

“You got three marijuana initiatives on the ballot, there’s this clean Missouri thing that a lot of Democrats are pushing, there’s a minimum wage increase, so all those things will be impacted by who turns out and then what numbers,” said Hancock.

And that’s one thing both sides can agree on.

“Whoever turns out their supporters is going to win. The undecided in this election is so slim as is Missouri which is such a 50-50 state,” said Kelley.

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