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Aldermen skip public safety meeting as St. Louis homicides near 150 on the year

ST. LOUIS – Monday night a north St. Louis neighborhood was ravaged by deadly gun violence. In a span of 90 minutes, 3 homicides occurred in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood.  All of the homicides were within one mile of each other.

But in the midst of all the dying, not enough St. Louis aldermen showed up Tuesday to talk about crime.

With all the killing going on, you would think that aldermen would want to get together to talk about it, especially the committee that deals with public safety.

But that didn't happen today.

Not enough aldermen showed up for an aldermanic meeting on crime and the meeting had to be canceled.

Tragically the pace of violence in the city is picking up. With the three murders last night, 147 homicides have occurred so far this year.  That compares to 154 at this time last year.  Just 7 fewer murders and there’s an alarming trend.

Just weeks ago, we were down 25 murders from last year.

Against this backdrop half, the aldermen on the committee skipped today's meeting.

Elliott Davis talked to one of the aldermen who did show up.

“Only 5 people showed up which is not a quorum which means we couldn't hold the meeting which is ridiculous.  Three homicides last night and the amount of shootings that are going on certainly it's a really important committee right now it’s important that we show up and find out how we're going to deal with this stuff,” said Joe Vaccaro, St. Louis Alderman.

So now they'll have to deal with this important issue later in the week.

The public safety committee meeting has been postponed to Thursday morning.