Ferguson residents forced to leave condemned apartments with less than 24-hour notice

FERGUSON, Mo. -  Some Ferguson residents are scrambling this morning after their apartment building was condemned Tuesday.

According to our partners at The Post-Dispatch, one of the buildings in the Park Ridge Apartment Complex was condemned after a chunk of concrete fell from the balcony of the building right in front of the front door of the unit below.  Residents say they have been complaining for years about cracks in the walkways and bowing in the foundation.

Mandatory evacuation notices were posted Tuesday by the Ferguson Building Department saying, 'Unsafe, Keep Out'  and residents were told at that time that they had less than 24 hours to move all of their belongings.

Our partners at The Post  Dispatch report, in the years, past the complex have received below average inspection reports from the Missouri Housing Development Commission.

Residents have been provided boxes and assigned new apartments in the complex, but moving trucks won't be available until 8 a.m Wednesday morning, leaving just six hours to make the move.