Mayor Krewson says changes at Biddlle House will better serve the homeless

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ST. LOUIS - Investigator Elliott Davis looks at the changes that will face the homeless as the weather get cooler. There are now new rules at the St. Louis Biddle House Homeless Shelter.

Biddle House announced that it's no longer helping people who don't occupy one of the 100 permanent beds at the shelter.  They now have to go elsewhere.

There was an average of 200 walk-in homeless a day who came to Biddle House for meals and shelter.  They could stay at the facility from 6 am to 6 pm.

Elliott caught up with Mayor Lyda Krewson when she was visiting Biddle House.  She says the shelter will create extra space for more people when the temperature gets around 20 degrees.

Rev. Larry Rice who ran the New Life Evangelistic Center before the city shut it down, says that's just not good enough. He says people can still freeze when the temperature is 25 and 26 degrees.

He believes the shelter should just stay open to more people during the winter months instead of it being day to day.

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