Missouri flooding expected to crest in St. Louis next week

ST. LOUIS, MO — The Army Corps of Engineers has activated its Emergency OperationsCenter for flooding coming to the area over the next week. A snapshot of the flooding expected downtown at the Arch appears to show moderate flooding forecasted and a crest on October 15 at 34.9 feet. At that level, Lenore K Sullivan will flood under the Eads Bridge, and the city will have to put up some floodgates.

Rain-soaked rivers and creeks continue rising in Missouri, closing more than 80 roads and inundating farmland. The Missouri Department of Transportation says the road closures are now mostly in the northwest part of the state, where nearly two dozen counties are under a flood warning.

The National Weather service says the Missouri River is expected to flood a residential area in St. Joseph and railroad tracks in Napoleon as it crests Wednesday in those cities at more than 8 feet above flood stage. In northeast Missouri, the Mississippi River is beginning to flood, closing some roads. As the water slowly moves southward, floodgates are expected to close in St. Louis and Cape Girardeau.

The Platte and Grand rivers also are flooding. And some of the state’s farm levees are at risk of being overtopped.

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