St. Louis officer accused of giving suspects rough ride

ST. LOUIS – A long-time St. Louis police officer was charged with assault Thursday for allegedly injuring two suspects during a rough ride back to the police department. 

The officer, 47-year-old Lori Wozniak, was charged with two misdemeanor counts of fourth-degree assault.

The onboard camera in her police vehicle recorded the incident. The two suspects were allegedly drunk and fighting in south St. Louis—and berating Wozniak.

According to court documents, Wozniak told the arrestees in her vehicle "she was going to stop hard at every stop sign between the scene and the station." An interior camera showed the victims sliding forward into the metal benches in the backseat of the police cruiser. One of the arrestees suffered a cut above his eye.

Wozniak claimed she stopped for a dog crossing the street, but her dashboard camera disproved that.

There's been no comment from the police department and no word on whether Wozniak was still on the job.

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