St. Louisans and local businesses enjoying dramatic temperature drop

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ST. LOUIS - A dramatic drop in the temperature has many St. Louisans greeting the cold with a warm hug.

A pumpkin grower in Maryland Heights says colder temperatures cause people to think of Fall, Halloween and buying pumpkins. Parents and kids were having fun in the Thies farm pumpkin land on Thursday.

The cooler temperatures are not only boosting business, but the chill in the air is also good for pumpkins still growing in the fields.

“It just makes for a better quality pumpkin and they get better color on them as well,” said Andy Welle, General Manager of Thies Farm.

At Brandt and Sons Ace Hardware it was time to bring out the rakes, the bags, and all sorts of supplies for collecting autumn leaves. They’ve had the stuff ready to go for a long time.

“We ordered it months ago actually. We have to stockpile it because once it hits it’s going to go crazy,” said Store Manager Joe Hinchcliff.

Some customers were going crazy at Kangaroo Kids. Sales of cold weather clothing heats up at the children’s resale shop when the temperature drops.

“I was talking to some moms in here and one of them was panicking because she had nothing to put on her child that fit that was warm. She loaded up on some stuff,” said Sierra Cortazz, owner of Kangaroo Kids.

No one was out on Creve Coeur Lake. The winds whipped up small waves. The walking trail around the lake was busy with folks bundled up against the chill.

“I walk a hundred miles a month and I’ve got 40 miles more to go for October. So, I’m trying to get them in as the weather permits,” said Pamm Hancock who was out exercising.

“I live in Bridgeton so I do the community center when it gets below 30 degrees,” Walker Sid Feldman added.

Meanwhile, folks at Thies Farm were anticipating a great pumpkin crop this year, but the extended hot weather turned the crop from great to good.

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