The Thread – More Than Pizza

ST. LOUIS - When the dough hits your eye from a big pizza pie...Tim probably threw it! That's right...Tim's in the kitchen at Carnivore on The Hill preparing for the STL Square Off Festival, celebrating St. Louis style pizza. Could Tim be the next great pizza chef? Probably not, but there's more than pizza going on in this episode. The STL Square Off benefits Hill 2000 Neighborhood Association, which moves to the needs of The Hill community simply by doing what they do best: food, events, and community. Dewey's Pizza does more than just feed the community, they do much more through the DewMore initiative. At 103 years young, Virginia Leitner is giving back through her art. Rodney Smith Jr. is impacting the world with a lawnmower. Meet these amazing people doing amazing things by simply doing what they do, Saturday at 8:30am on Fox 2.