Construction starts Monday in passenger pickup zones at Lambert Airport

ST.LOUIS- Travelers and drivers at St. Louis Lambert International Airport will also notice some changes starting Monday, October 15. Crews are going to resurface the roadway and also reconstruct the staircase between the Departure and Arrival drives.

The work will be done in two phases and will involve lane closures as well as shifting many ground transportation pick-up zones.

During phase one starting Monday the lanes south of the Arrivals Drive center island where the rental car and off-airport parking shuttles usually operate, will close for about four weeks depending on the weather.  The shuttles will move to the north side of the island.

If you are picking up passengers, the pickup zone will move from along the curb of north Arrivals Drive to the yellow level of the Terminal 1 parking garage. The pickup zones for hotel and motel shuttles, charter buses, and ride shares will move upstairs to departure drive near Exit 6.

Some crosswalks will also be closed during phase one.

Phase two will involve shutting down north arrivals drive. Passenger pickup will remain the same as in phase one as will many shuttle pickups ride share areas, however,  rental car, and off-airport shuttles will return to their normal locations.

Phase two is expected to last four weeks as well. The staircase between the Arrival and Departure drive will be torn down during this phase.

All construction is expected to be completed by spring 2019.