Last minute lottery players rush to buy tickets for Mega Millions jackpot

CAHOKIA, Ill. – A rush of lottery players usually comes through the door just before ticket sales end.

That’s what Carolene Grandberry says happens at the Cahokia Moto Mart where she is a shift manager. Wednesday’s night’s estimated jackpot of $667 million was the biggest jackpot in Mega Millions history.

Customers lined up and bought tickets for what they hope would lead to a new way of life. What many customers did not know was that Illinois allows lotto players to purchase tickets online.

Some of the customers we talked with like the idea of the convenience while others worried it could make buying lottery tickets too easy. The app does require credit card information and a minimum of a $5 purchase.

“I’d rather come in the store than putting your information out on a credit card,” said one customer.

The Illinois Lottery introduced the app a few years ago. The Illinois Petroleum Marketers Association raised concerns the app would hurt members’ business. On Wednesday, a spokesman for the agency said that has not been the case.

The Missouri Lottery does have an app but it does not allow customers to purchase tickets online.