Hyper-loop study says I-70 corridor ideal for project

ST. LOUIS - A new study out says a proposed hyperloop that would make it possible to travel between St. Louis and Kansas City in about 30 minutes is feasible.

The nine-month feasibility study was conducted by the Kansas City-based Black and Veatch and was done on behalf of the Missouri Hyperloop Coalition. It analyzed a proposed route through the Interstate 70 corridor that would connect St. Louis, Columbia and Kansas City.

The study concluded that travel between St. Louis and Kansas City in the Hyperloop could be done in as little as 28 minutes while trips from St. Louis to Columbia or Kansas City to Columbia could take just 15 minutes.

The study also concluded that between 16,000 to 52,000 people could use the hyperloop daily and that there would be a savings of more than $400 million a year because of less time spent on the road. The study also says that the Hyperloop would reduce accidents on I70 saving up to $91 million a year.

Missouri could potentially be the first stop for a Hyperloop Transportation System. Supporters say the I70 corridor is relatively flat and straight making it workable.

The big still unanswered question is where the idea goes from here and whether it will become a reality.

No word on if or when this project would start.