The Chargers in St. Louis? Why some football fans are hopeful

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - A tweet has football fans in St.Louis excited about the possibility of the Los Angeles Chargers moving to St.Louis.

Wednesday morning Benjamin Allbright, who describes himself as a radio and TV guy on his Twitter bio, tweeted “I’m not saying St.Louis should pitch the #Chargers on a new home…but yes, that is exactly what I’m suggesting.” The tweet gained traction among St.Louis football fans which led to an interview Thursday morning on St.Louis sports talk radio station 590 The Fan.

In an interview with show host Tim McKernan, Allbright told McKernan his tweet was based on information he’s received from sources that suggests NFL owners are questioning the viability of two NFL teams in Los Angeles. Allbright said he believes there is a 60-70 percent chance the Chargers leave Los Angeles in the next five years. He said the chances the Chargers would move to St.Louis is 30-35 percent.

Allbright says under the Chargers current ownership group he doesn’t believe the franchise would move back to San Diego.

You can listen to Allbright’s interview on 590 The Fan here

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