Volunteers clean up St. Louis City and County during annual ‘Trash Bash’

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UNIVERSITY CITY - For the 16th year in a row, volunteers descended on the River des Peres watershed and help pick up trash Saturday morning. Several other volunteers were seen picking up trash from various parks, neighborhoods, and creeks.

For Lori Tabor of St. Louis, waking up early on a crisp weekend morning meant getting out with her young girls and teaching them why it’s important to protect their environment.

“Even though this is just a little project in St. Louis in a little park, it affects the whole world that what they do here affects everyone and it’s less trash that gets in the ocean," said Tabor as she and her daughters picked up litter near Heman Park in University City.

The organization aims to improve area neighborhoods, wildlife habitats, and water quality in St. Louis City and County.

“It’s important to not litter and not hurt the ecosystem," said 11-year-old, Hannah Tabor.

Last year, volunteers removed more than a hundred tires, 2.2 tons of scrap metal, .25 tons of recycling material and 2.3 tons of trash from streams and creeks within the river Des Peres watershed.

Judi Crouch with Lions Against Litter also spent the start of her weekend picking up litter along the road and grassy areas.

“This is just one little chink in a great big effort," said Crouch, "and some people say, 'Why do you do this? It’s like emptying the ocean,' but if everyone takes that attitude then nothing gets done.”

Volunteers celebrated their efforts with pizza at Willmore Park. They were also awarded prizes for the "best" trash finds in three categories including most valuable, oldest and weirdest.

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