How to have a Halloween without the tempting treats

ST. LOUIS-  Jean Huelsing, founder of Camp Jump Start, is at the studio suggesting you try something new for treats this Halloween.

Camp Jump Start is a health summer camp dedicated to help kids reach a weight to help them strive at their age. It is the only nonprofit summer weight loss camp in the nation.

Jean is giving out tips for Halloween to keep away the sweets but still make everyone happy.

Instead of giving out candy, you could give out money, small toys, candy-scented markers, halloween pencils, pretzels or raisins.

If you want treats for Halloween just take the leftovers to the fire station, police station or send to a soldier overseas. Even some dental offices will even 'buy back' candy.

For parents interest in learning more about Camp Jump Start, visit:

Or call: (877) 520-5867