You Paid For It looks at East St. Louis officials salaries

EAST ST. LOUIS - East St. Louis is a city that has been suffering hard times for years. While residents struggle, elected officials are getting high salaries.

You Paid For It investigator Elliott Davis went to East St. Louis for an answer about the salary of the Mayor.  Taxpayers pay Mayor Emeka Jackson-Hicks a $50,000 salary. But that's not all. She also gets $9,000 in expense money for the part-time job.

Many better-off cities pay their mayors a lot less.

The Mayor of Fairview Heights gets just $21,000.

The Mayor of O'Fallon Illinois gets $24,000.

East St. Louis's Mayor told Elliott she deserves what she's getting.

It's a part-time job. The City Manager does the day to day running of the city.

The City Manager gets $100,000.

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