Overflowing dumpster keeps children from using daycare playground

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ST. LOUIS - A smelly situation was causing concern at a learning center downtown.

Administrators at Our Time to Grow Learning Center say trash was piling up after haulers missed their pickup last week.

For little tikes, they can make quite a big mess.

From lunchtime plates, cups and leftover food to dirty diapers, the trash at Our Time to Grow Learning Center quickly piles up.

Their dumpster is packed to the brim after daycare administrators say Meridian Waste Services missed their pick up on Friday.

“When it's in the dumpster, you don’t recognize it as much, but once you see it overflowing into your playground then that really makes an impact,” explains  Umberto Umbertino, office manager and cook.

Owner Carolyn Keys says she had no choice but let the trash pile up in their playground area, so she had to keep her toddlers inside.

She says, “My concern is that there might be mice droppings or whatever out here. If they fall, it's just unsanitary. It’s not healthy for my babies to be out here right now with a pile of trash by their riding toys. You know, it’s just not healthy.”

She says she made several calls to Meridian looking for answers and was told they were coming.
When I reached out the company Wednesday morning said they a new driver missed her pickup on Friday and when they went back on Monday a car was parked in the alley.

It was on Wednesday afternoon while Fox 2 was there filming that the truck showed up.

A spokesperson explained that the hauling industry is reliant upon their vehicles and personnel to complete their round. They apologized for the inconvenience and say if customers have an issue they should call and report it or file a claim online,

Again, this was Meridian Waste Service, not the waste management for the City of St. Louis.

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