Owners of radioactive West Lake Landfill sue drug company for help with cleanup cost

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BRIDGETON, Mo. -  Owners of the West Lake Landfill wants a drug manufacturer to pay its part of the $205 million dollar mess left behind here at this landfill decades ago. The drug manufacturer named in the suit is Mallinckrodt Chemical Works.

According to our news partners at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, this company processed uranium at its factory in the north side of downtown St. Louis that was used to make the first nuclear weapons. Those weapons were used in U.S. government's Manhattan Project and World War II.

The company disposed of the residue and leftover waste that came from creating that ammunition on Latty Ave in 1966.

The Environmental Protection Agency – commonly known as the EPA – ordered several responsible parties to pay $205 million to clean up the landfill. This came after heavy criticism from local residents when companies tried to pitch a less costly method of capping the site.

There’s a number of alleged liability Mallinckrodt is being sued for; however, it does not specify how much money owners of the Bridgeton landfill are seeking.

Richard Callow, a spokesperson for Bridgeton Landfill LLC, issued the following statement Wednesday afternoon:

“Mallinckrodt, a prime participant in the war effort that led to the contamination of West Lake Landfill, belongs at this table. We have asked a federal court to include them.”

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