‘Boo at the Zoo Nights prepares for Spooky Saturday

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ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Zoo is continuing their Boo at the Zoo Nights and getting ready for Spooky Saturday on October 27th.

The zoo will have Halloween themed enrichment activities with some birds, primates, and a monster in the herpetarium.

“And they get the name Gila monster for two reasons. They live near and around the Gila River in New Mexico and Arizona. But, the name monster comes from the fact for hundreds of years people have been scared of these guys because they are venomous. One of only two species that are venomous similar to how snakes are venomous,” said Justin Elden, herpetology zookeeper.

The threatened venomous lizard is spelled G-I-L-A, but pronounced ‘Hee-Luh,’ and is part of one of the enrichment activities being offered.

A pair of Toco toucans might resemble candy corn, but these pumpkins were serving up some papaya Thursday afternoon in the birdhouse.

“As you can see we gave them some pumpkin enrichment here. We put some of their favorite treats in there like papaya and grapes and super worms. They`re mainly fruit eaters but they like insects and frogs and lizards and sometimes raid bird`s nests and eat other birds` nests,” said Sydney Oliveirn, zoological manager of birds.

A critically endangered species from Madagascar, Princess Buttercup, the 7-month-old Mongoose lemur, made a mad dash up a PVC skeleton inside the primate house.

“We gave our Mongoose lemurs what we call Mr. Skinny Bones. It`s a skeleton enrichment the keepers made out of PVC. Anytime we can try to use recycled materials to make enrichment. They love just jumping around on it,” said Lindsey Gray, zookeeper of the primate unit.

You can experience Boo at the Zoo Nights for non-scary Halloween family fun, nightly from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. through October 30th.

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