Hundreds of St. Louis Lime Bikes await repairs in Dogtown warehouse

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ST. LOUIS - Hundreds of Lime Bikes are stacked five high in an alley between a warehouse in Dogtown. Our partners at the Post-Dispatch spotted the bikes in the 5700 block of West Park Avenue.

Lime launched their LimeBikes in St. Louis in April. Then a few months later in July, they launched their LimeScooters.

Before the scooters began appearing there were about 1500 LimeBikes on the street. Now according to the city’s traffic division, there are only about 200 bikes on the street.

Our partners at the Post-Dispatch talked with a Lime spokesperson. He said the bikes in the ally are damaged and waiting for repairs. The parts should be in sometime next week.

The company said that St. Louis did not damage the bikes at a higher rate than other cities. The bikes just eventually break from heavy use.

Even once the bikes are fixed you probably won’t see as many bikes on the street as scooters. Lime said the scooters are just more popular in St. Louis like they are finding in a lot of other cities.

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