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You Paid For It: East St. Louis City Council salaries

EAST ST. LOUIS – The You Paid For It Team is continuing to take a hard look at the big paychecks for East St. Louis elected officials who preside over an economically troubled city.

44-percent of the population there lives in poverty.

But elected officials are raking in the cash for the part-time jobs.

Sunday, I dug into the pay for city council members.  You pay them $21,000 in salary and expenses.  That's more than double the pay aldermen in some surrounding cities get that are much better off than East St. Louis.

I caught up with Councilman Robert Eastern to question him about this deal.  He told me it was time to take a look at the pay.

On Monday I went after the city's Mayor, Emeka Jackson-Hicks over her $50,000 pay for the part-time job.

You already pay the City Manager $100,000 to run the day to day operation of the city.  Still, even with that Mayor Jackson-Hicks doesn't think she's paid too much.