Election officials expecting big turnout for Tuesday’s vote

ST. LOUIS - We are one week away from the November 6th General Election.

St. Louis City and County election officials are expecting a larger voter turnout next Tuesday.

“Typically for mid-term its 35-40 percent. For this one maybe 50, 55-percent,” said Gary Stoff, St. Louis City Republican Director Board of Elections.

Eric Fey, St. Louis County Democrat Director of Elections says they could very easily see 60% turnout, “What we see is a number of registered voters is about the same this year as it was in 2014 in last mid-term, so voters are the same but we're having more voter absentee ballots.

As of last night, 21,000 absentee ballots had already been cast in the county.

With the city and county expecting more people voting, plus a ballot that is longer in the county and more detailed in the city than before. Officials are asking voters to be ready.

“Please use the sample ballot, read it, mark it up and take it with you when you go to vote,” said Fey.

The best time to avoid lines to vote is in the afternoon or last few hours of the night. Also, an important change from previous elections is an ID.

“Aa voter does not need a photo ID to vote on election day, and even if they have no identification at all, if they are a registered voter, they're still going to get to vote,” said Stoff.

A voter just needs to bring an election card. If no card or license, as long as they are registered they can vote provisional. If voters face long lines at polling places with touch screens, there is another option.

“They can be issued an optical scan ballot. They have to fill in the ovals, but you can do that right away,” said Stoff.

And officials are reminding people to check your voter notice cards you received in the mail to make sure you know where you are registered to vote.

For more information check out the Board of Election Commissioners City of St. Louis or the St. Louis County Board of Elections.

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