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Former VP Biden campaigns for McCaskill in St. Louis

BRIDGETON, MO - It is one of the most closely watched political races in the country.  Many political analysts expect the race between Sen. Claire McCaskill and Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley to be extremely close.  Former Vice President Joe Biden joined McCaskill and other democratic candidates for a Get out the Vote rally at the Machinists Hall in Bridgeton on Wednesday night.

When the former Vice President took the stage he said, “My name is Joe Biden and I work for Claire McCaskill.”

Biden touted his long-running support for labor and explained why he’s encouraging voters to return McCaskill to Washington.

“When we worked together in the Senate, she like me understands our political opponents are not our enemies,” said the former Vice President.  “The press is not the enemy of the people, and before we’re democrats or republicans or independents, we are Americans.  All of us are Americans.”

McCaskill asked her supporters to get out of their comfort zone and go door to door seeking support.

“Ask them if they have a pre-existing condition.  Ask them about their health care, their Medicare, their social security,” she said.

Biden closed by saying a vote for McCaskill is a vote against divisive politics.

“The only thing that can tear America apart is America itself and we’ve seen it start and we must make it stop now,” said Biden.  “That’s what Tuesday is about.”

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