Overland residents say they’re fed up with living in fear of speeding drivers

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OVERLAND, MO – Halloween night is considered one of the most dangerous and scary times of the year for pedestrians. In Overland, many people told Fox 2 that they are fed up with living in fear of speeding drivers. Residents said it’s dangerous every night for walkers and not just on Halloween.

Sandy Atchison said she’s planning to plaster images of her badly injured nephew all over her neighborhood.

“My nephew was standing out on the curb and a kid in a Camaro comes by hits him, puts him under the car and dragged him all the way up to Lackland about 250 feet up the street,” Atchison described.

That incident happened 20 years ago. But Atchison said speeding is still a major problem and hopes that the pictures will be a reminder for drivers to slow down.

“I’ve been here 27 years and I mean this street is atrocious, it is just awful,” said Atchison speaking about Spencer Avenue.

Many other residents echoed the same concern.

Patrick Wilson who lives on Spencer Avenue said that on early Wednesday evening he witnessed a speeding car almost taking out his neighbor.

“My neighbor across the street was trying to back into their driveway and a car flew up on them and almost hit them,” said Wilson, “so it’s pretty bad, it’s a daily occurrence.”

Lisa Barton said she’s constantly looking over her shoulder when walking her dog.

“You’re just in danger all the time,” Barton said, “they speed, they peel out and they just disrespect people with little kids.”

Karrie Deming’s nieces were out Trick-or-treating Wednesday night. She said she couldn’t help but be worried about their safety and someone driving too fast.

“People are blowing through stop signs and not looking out for other people,” Deming said, “and actually someone ran into our house and my truck a couple of years ago.”

Fox 2 reached out to Overland Police Chief Andy Mackey asking questions but he never responded.

The department however recently posted on its Facebook page encouraging people to call them if they see bad drivers speeding down their streets. The number is 314-4281212.

Fox 2 also reached out to some City Council members. Councilman Marty Little of Ward 1 told us that the city is currently trying to work with the county to reduce speed limits around school zones and that police have been placing radar trailers to monitor speeding cars.

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