McCaskill kicks off statewide canvassing effort in last days before election

ST. LOUIS - In these final days of the midterm election campaign, Fox 2/News 11 got an exclusive look inside look at one of the biggest races in the country: the US Senate race in Missouri.

Both Democrat Claire McCaskill, seeking her third term in the Senate, and Republican Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, seeking his first, are keeping exhausting schedules and racking up the miles.

Fox 2/News 11 boarded McCaskill’s campaign RV that she calls “Big Blue” this week.

“Yesterday, I went from 7 a.m. and I rolled in my house last night about 10,” McCaskill said. “I am blessed with high energy.”

It is a grueling road both candidates and their staffs, plotting the next stops on a months-long trail won’t end until Tuesday night, election night.

“This is my favorite part of the campaign…the strangers that provide hugs everywhere I go…I want to end this campaign on a positive note…being who I am and hopefully reminding Missourians why they have been so kind to give me this opportunity to serve…Josh Hawley’s campaign has pretty much been ‘Claire McCaskill stinks.’ I think people are hungry for someone who doesn’t think it’s all about saying the other guy stinks.”

Hawley is banking on people being hungry for a new senator. President Donald Trump, who carried Missouri by close to 20 points in 2016, will appear with Hawley in Missouri twice in the campaign’s final week.

McCaskill got a boost from an appearance with former Vice President Joe Biden in Bridgeton Wednesday night.

“Frankly, I’m honored that President Trump feels like he needs to come twice in 5 days. That’s something,” McCaskill said.

She sees healthcare as her defining issue.

“I think it is very clear that I am the one who has stood at the gate to protect people’s rights against insurance companies, including protections for preexisting conditions,” she said.

The new Real Clear Politics average of recent polls show Hawley with a slim 2-point lead, which is still considered a toss-up.

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