How to find the best winter travel deals

ST. LOUIS, Mo. — The cold gray days of November have settled in over St. Louis. maybe the rainy weather makes you dream of lying on a sunny beach. Don't despair, there are wintertime travel deals to be had.

Beach Blanket Baby: The Caribbean is super accessible and usually has some great travel deals for the winter. They are also home to some of the world`s best beaches, including some of the most exclusive and private beaches.

Think Beyond The Beach: It`s certainly fun to hit the surf when it gets cold out, but places like South America and Australia are warm when we are cold, so don`t count those destinations out!

Hit The High Seas: Only have a week but your travel wish list is long? Hop a cruise! You`ll be able to visit multiple destinations, enjoy high-quality service, great family options and a variety of itineraries to fit a busy schedule.